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We have kits for all styles and themes. All made custom for you.

NEW! Kids Wood Kits


New Products!

Check out the latest new product made just for your kids. These are great for a rainy afternoon, with your creative kid. You can do it together or let them create alone.

Easy to assemble, and fun to make. 


 A monthly subscription where each month, you get a box of themed decorations to assemble and enjoy! Perfect for those homes with a personalized touch.

1 Kit Subscription Box prepared each month and ready between the 1st and 5th of the month. Includes everything to complete the project. You will LOVE these.

Paint them any color you like, to match your home or follow the example, any way you do it, it will be your new favorite decor.

Need a tiered tray? We make and sell those as well.

Includes design on left and the one above, ships in same box, for a discounted price. no additional shipping. Just choose 2 kit subscription.

2 great projects that will make you smile!

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